Monday, February 25, 2008

Surfer of the Web and oil painting

YoU Can be SuRpriSed By SoMethinG WonDerFuL!!!

Buddha in my garden  
oil 3x3 on masonite w. cradle
Sale price 150$ 

So many cool blogs to little time.
I go to one of my favorites and they talk about another...and so on.

Have in mind to go to Mendocino Arts Center and get my workshop fix.
So, I have to get outa here.
Wanted to share a finished oil study.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oil class progressing

Not finished--but, my beginning oils

Inspiration for another painting--Burton Park, Nevada City:

Flute fever!

Many of you remember my post in January about hearing Loping Wolf Flute and drum circle on KVMR community radio Welcome to KVMR - Music of the World. Voice of the Community. Nevada City, California.
Well I purchased my first flute after attending a flute circle myself!  I found listening to the other members so moving!  I also blew on  my own!  Looking forward to finding my own voice with the singing piece of art work I purchased from flute artist/maker Geoffrey Ellis EARTHTONEFLUTES.COM .  
My flute is a combo of these in a key of A--recommended for beginner use, for playing along with Mary Youngblood's music.  Nice versatile/inspiring flute for the group and for my own playing!  
This meditative instrument will further inspire me to be a creative part of our world!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Because of our cold weather(power-outages and snow)....This is the vest I just finished.  It even has pockets! It is the first big project I have done...
my other projects include: felted booties, socks, felted hat, crochet hats.  I want to create a sweater out of a Noro yarn I purchased. And a felted/shibori scarf like I saw at MOMA for over 200$. And a meditation/knitting shawl.  If you you have any great patterns (for these ideas)send them my way!
I would also like to find hand created yarns (from their sheep, carded, roving, spun, dyed-natural dyes cool!).

It's been snowing a lot!

We have had a lot of snow in the last few days!
If you have time view my photos on side bar-- flcker.
I took down the Art Show (in the snow!) that coincided with SYRCL Wild and Scenic Film Festival.  Got some feedback which was positive about my work!  A tarot reader who sat below a river canyon piece said the energy of the painting above her head made her feel energized and well!  A Gentleman in our community (who once worked for Disney and has a son for an artist) made positive comments about my art work!  I love getting feedback!  My skin is not as thick as it should be for an artist.  But, when I get the publics feedback(even suggestions for improvement) is much better than no words or expression.  I would think people in general(whatever they might put time, energy and heart into)would like to be acknowledged for their contribution to the community/world!

I also have been experimenting with oil paint.
Linseed or green can of Turpenoid dries very slow!
I was excited about using oils as if I were painting in any other paint--in my style!
The new medium translates well.
I love the creamy texture!
I will upload a painting soon.