Monday, March 12, 2012

More Catch-up

I have gotten so behind in blogging.
But, I wanted to document a fabulous field trip the pups and I went on...
We started out driving to Sally Fox's farm in the Capay Valley. She developed a organic cotton that grows colored-Vreseis. I got to see at least 4 different colored cottons in several weights
and forms. I also almost left with a merino lamb. So beautiful...I am still thinkin
g of her. Her fur was a warm brown/carmel colored. Sally was very
friendly showing me her animals, cotton and sharing her ideas on spinning. She has merino
wool yarn available also. I unfortunately got so into visiting that I forgot to take photos.
Afterwards, we(the pups and I)headed towards Fort Bragg and Mendocino.
We spent a few days in Mckerricker State Park.
Awesome Camping and trails are vast and open

to bikes, children and dogs! My family's favorite State Park!

I drove down the coast and went to the Mendocino Yarn Shop. I bought a soft local
merino/alpaca roving. I 've since spun into a 2 ply lace weight(with a local Corriedale roving).

I've been knitting up a storm! Check out my Ravelry page

Catch-up on life...or at least blogging about it

"Time FLies When Your having fun" Or regardless of whether one is having fun or not...time seems to keep marching forward.

I have not been keeping up on my blogging. None-the-less, life has been full of new and expressive ways of being.
My Grandson is growing like a weed! Watching children
grow is one way of grasping the reality that time is happening. Sierra and I have been trying to keep up with his leaps and bounds. At 10 mos, he is running and he will be 1 year old in April! O.M.G!

We made him his first teething biscuits...he loved them! Yum!
Basic recipe:spelt flour, handmade applesauce(local organic apples), and a pinch of cinnamon.

Christmas was a hit! Made many handmade items for gifts. And fixed my Mom's sink(with
Ben)for her gift.

Izaiah loved the paper and the
paper tubes(I remember my kids liking these at his age-so, I added them to his
gift bag).

My christmas gift to myself was yarn from Nanne Kennedy, Meadowcroft Farm in Maine. Beautiful! Finished my sweater with handmade yew buttons right after the holiday...I was so excited!
After the holidays my Niece had a birthday and I made her a quilt.

Went for a hike on the Yuba with a great person. It was chilly...We hiked on the South side of the North Slope in the middle of the Winter season. We found a sunny beach to eat her yummy garden picked arugula, smoked salmon and cream cheese on dark pumpernickel bread. Frida is enjoying her river time.