Saturday, December 11, 2010

I have been keeping in touch with my son via Facebook. Get to see posts of my daughter who is pregnant with her first child. My first grandchild. It is a boy. I played with some photos she posted to create this piece. I do feel good when I can be visually creative.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Knitting up a storm

My xmas present to several family members this year is knitted and then felted slippers. I've been knitting a lot this month!
These are slippers before felting. My 12 lbs dog here gives you a perspective of how big they begin.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sewing projects

Finished two projects practicing on my new Pfaff 2140.
First I created a circular needle holder(I really should take before and after photos--often forget and then get interested in documenting the end results). Many of you knitters already can relate to the jumbled & tangled mess these needles get themselves into! But, walla...organized!

Next I worked a birthday present for my Niece. She is turning 8(I learned to crochet @ this age). I made her a bag for her first knitting project.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have been dying and washing wool(Lindsey Cleveland) in October.
Not any color photos...oh the red and pink yarn(Over dyed Quince and Co. Yarn)in my last post....and raw fleece is just washed and dark merino(Mendenhall Ranch) is dyed with red acid dye.

I have had a fabulous summer!

I have had a fabulous summer. Looking though my photos...I've been many places. I like this photo of Me, Digs, Frida and Oliver. We are chillin' on an autumn morning. Knitting is @ my feet.
I was @ the last Farmer's Mkt. this a.m. with Sierra. All the summer pickings will be missed. I think the winter squash I purchased will last me a few weeks. I am so glad that there are many local farms...growing lots of different foods!

On another note...I purchased my first sewing machine. Well, the first I got as a gift
when I was 19-20 years old. The 'Simplicity Seammaster'
sewed costumes, PJs, curtains, seat and cushion covers....many many items. This has been my machine for 25-26 years. I am planning to keep learning on my Pfaff 2140 sewing and embroidery machine for the
second half of my life. I know it is a huge learning curve...but, I'll get it. It
is really fun when it preforms with no effort...and creates cool stitches. A bit frustrated learning buttonholes today. But, I think I learned alot! My first project finished is a circular needles holder for
knitting needles. It took me over two days to finish. I have lots of ideas for future projects!

Finished another pair of Fiber Trends felted slippers...someone's getting a real cool pair of very thick and warm slippers! Can say who they're for yet.
I have many special birthdays this November! One is my Mommy!
I snapped this photo of her with Diego. She has really come along way with my dogs! This is a fun photo...a slumber party photo!
Hailey's(my niece) birthday is in November. She and Kai were @ my slumber party too(early october). Dig's has come a long way with kids...he used to hide! My bro Chris is another B-day. And a very good family friend b-day is this Nov. I am normally very awful @ remembering bdays. So if I ever remember your bday(even once) consider yourself lucky!

Monday, August 16, 2010

My life and summer...

It's all about me....My morning joe on the deck.

My garden grew garlic and onions...and tomatoes and basil are on the way!

My organic cotton knitting project is coming along....

My dogs and family are eating local rice:

and local
Farm fresh veggies and local grass fed meat:

(Stored in recycled yogurt container for doggy food).

Friday, July 30, 2010

But, Frida enjoys dressing up in my newest fashion for her....not really. But, she forgets fast that she has a silly dress on.
This is what Frida thinks of swimming! Blah@*_+!!!
Fabulous wildflowers this year!
I've seen species that I've never seen before. And others that just are such healthy beauties!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It has been months since I posted.
Guess time goes by...
Lots if camping, gardening and outdoor adventures.
Not creating much fine art. But, always trying to be creative.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bald Sisters Hat

Knitted two of far. Easy pattern. They both look very different. This is mine.
Cotton with 20% wool. It'll be a nice light Spring hat.


I have been juicing. I love the fresh food! And the colors and vibrancy. I am inspired by my friend Kayle and have been looking into 'The Gerson Therapy'. Saw the movie "A Beautiful Truth'. I loved the perspective of narration from a father raising his son who is home-schooled. It is his father's voice...but, sorta through the boy's eyes. I really liked the idea that major disease that harm so many today: Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic Fatigue, etc... Can be cured(or @ least immune system is strengthened) by fresh organic veges and fruits. I really like my photos that show some of my eats...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Do I wish to learn and create more than one life will have???

I woke early-6:15a. Tired @ 11am. I have been on a walk before the rain came.
I have two books and my computer open.
Reading about nuno felting, gardening in books and surfing online
--green houses out of scrap, greywater, water harvesting.
Wondering if my ideas are to big for my lifetime?
A reminder that even the seemingly immortal are living...
that someday...some living longer than others.

My Grandma Selma 99 years and 356
...passed March11th. Many family members
were traveling to Wisconsin to celebrate her 100th B-day
this March 19th 2010. She had a long loving life.
She is already missed. Selma Rose was my
inspiration for many her last 10 years...
growing old w. grace.

What a beautiful loving woman she has been!
"Bless her heart", as my friend Yvonne says.

In perspective the way my energy is today @ 44 years old.
I am not sure I will endure such a long life.
But, I have lots of intriguing ideas...
so maybe these will keep me going.

Anyways, I want to felt as I posted in my last post.
Dyed a couple weeks ago.
Would like to create a jacket.
I know the weather is on the change. It is near Spring. We have
seen the daffodil...along with late winter snow.
I have several library books and bought the local Master Gardener Book.
I purchased Another book, 10 bags of chicken manure and got 10 seed packages
FREE! So I have the makings of a garden!!! Could work on planting this afternoon
in my garage.

My garage is filled with pelts...salted pelts.
A friend from the Foothill Fiber Guild called to let me
know she had them avail. I got my butt over there.
But, I am leery. I have salted twice.The skin is drying nicely.
The fur side is on pallets(as read and discussed with Tannery
on the East Coast)but, seems to be quite moist.
I hope they dry out soon so I can send them.
Excited and anticipating beautiful tanned skins.

I have the desire to take my camper off my truck and start collected scraps, pallets,
windows, 55 gal water holding barrels. I want some more projects!!???
But, I have many on the back burner. Whatsup that I don't stay focused???
I do eventually do what I start. Interesting process.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yesterday I dyed...

I received my books on felting. Specifically I want to learn nuno felting.

I got into the dye stash Fran and I ordered....
And died 2 yards of silk and apx. 2 lbs of merino (local-Mendenhall) fleece.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Finished two vintage
style hats like this...

Finished a shawl....
Several sewing projects....
Several Frida Projects...

So here are some things I am excited about

Frida Esperanza Mora

The Full Moon on Monday night.

Ben's decision to get out of Rocklin and explore the world--sta
rting in Belgium and now in Porto, Portugal(Drinking sunshine, surfing and meeting people from all parts of the world).
And The Kathy Wronksi portrait of Our Pema I am showing him on Skype.
Skype is very exciting too!
And he is cooking! I'm going to Portugal...lettn' my son cook for me!