Saturday, March 2, 2013

Did I really not blog about my FANTASTIC weekend 
Workshop experience with Lexi Boeger in 2012?

I know I posted on FB.  
So, guess I just neglected my blog. 
I had a fabulous time.  Lexi was a terrific teacher and I learned soooo much.
She is a down-to-earth kind a gal. 
My hard drive crashed right after the workshop.  Maybe, why I did not post. 
I am thinking about going to Camp Pluckpluff  Yarnival in July (19th-21st).

Lexi Boeger demonstration on her Aura.

Camp Pluckyfluff and Lexi's Studio
Mo hairy Yarn! I made other yarns.  But, right now I have to stop posting and turn my computer off.  It's really hot!