Monday, November 10, 2008


I felt like Cinderella on steroids the last few days.
Lots of scrubbing when you mortar and grout with small stones/ceramics.
Yvonne Dockter finished the tiles we commissioned her to create.
They are perfect! Colorful-yet sutle enough to tie into our designs.

The madrone leaves are glowing as if you are walking thru a forest of madrone trees.
I wish I had her do more of these.
I will seal the finished pathway sometime this week.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November fourth two thousand and eight

Sierra voted for the first time.
As you remember she turned 18 in August.
We had many conversations about how important it was to take advantage of our 'Right to Vote'.
It's hard to understand the importance.
When I was 18--I did not vote--I was excited as a teen and then got caught up in life when it came to voting.
Think it was the year Reagan got into office for his second term.
I heard them say on the news that the 27 years gone bye has been a Republican looking (even though there have been democrats also). That would be when I could cast my first vote--24 years ago. I could have changed something with my vote!

Afterwards, we gave my Niece a charm bracelet that we made for her. She loved it! Here we are with my other niece and nephew.


Can not tell you how much better I feel after the elections than I did for the past eight years!!!
I am sure many of you feel the same--since there was no question Obama was the vote of choice.
Now we hope that he does what he has said he'll do. How can the American people do to help him change things for the better?
How does one man do it all? Well Bush seems to have done a lot to mess things up!!!
Amazing the growth that has occurred in my life-time. In 1965 racism, segregation and lack of equal rights/to vote were fashion. I wish that we could do this in all areas!
Like Prop 8--what is this about?? I feel like we are playing the 'Sorry'. (Have any of you played this--were you go 6 spaces in one turn and then your next you get a card that says SORRY go back 7)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Looks as if I had lots on my mind then too!

My little brother in his theatrical debute.

Diego's Sleepy

Moving Back into our Home and Spending time with Family

Spending time with family is always fun.  Ben is making fun of his Grandmother!  After seeing Ben's relatively new studio...we went out for a very tasty lunch in Auburn. Emily is Ben's cute and very friendly girlfriend.

We moved a very heavy piece of furniture into our living room.
Not sure how much it weighs--but, trust me it is heavy.
It adds is a classy homy feeling.  And our tv fits in the space inside the cabinet.  Before we had the tv above our entertainment center.