Monday, January 28, 2008

Loping Wolf...lifes coincidence or connections?

The other night on our local community radio-KVMR
-I was listening to a group of flute players.
They called them selves 'Loping Wolf'
I was drawn to their stories and music.  Tonight , looking on their website I found this photo of Mary Youngblood.  My art work is found on her site. Why is my work found here?  We don't know one another.  It is subtle...I believe that if we pay attention that the connections that make us one or/and that make the universal energy/answering us become apparent.
For me to find my energy in an area I am drawn to fills me with clarity...all that we do--wether we understand or not-- is important and meaningful!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Birds endure the storms!

I have been watching the birds in our many storms.
They travel thru sleet, snow, wind and rain to get to our feeders.
They are inspiring!
I start my first oil painting class tomorrow.
The birds have come into my sketches many times and may end up being included in my first tries at oil painting.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Storm and movement

Snow and Rain does not get me down.
There is beauty in everything...
Just look around you!

'Dog Listens'
©2007 Stacy Mora
Mixed watermedia

'Serenading the River at Dusk'
©2007 Stacy Mora

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another storm in Northern California

It started snowing a little last night.
I am working on my laptop while we still have power.

Reminiscing about my Welding this last Fall.
I am taking a break to continue painting.

Getting excited about upcoming class...
And lots of ideas for new projects.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Stacy Mora's creative post

'Cooper's Hawk' ©2007 Stacy Mora
mixed media/encaustics/watercolor
12x12 cradle

'Wilson's Warbler' ©2007 Stacy Mora
mixed Media/encaustics/watercolor

Another Sunny day

Sunny and bright today!
Pups are wondering when I am going to start mov'in.

I have been dreaming about continuing my art/creative and gypsy ways. 
I have signed up for a Oil Painting class(one medium I have yet to try) with a local Painter/teacher-Phil Brown.  He is a realistic painter--much of our local nature/river. 
But, I also would like to spend a month in Mendocino.  I would focus on the MAC-Mendo Art Center-studio openings and one workshop. Also, enjoy-be enspired by the ocean.  
But, more long term--trying to take a workshop with some of these entrigueing artist I have been keeping up with via Blogs.  MistyMawn 
is one artist that is of interest.  Nina Ornamental 
is another artist I have been paying attention to.  And there are others I will mention during my time Blogging eventually.  I saw a workshop in Italy and in Wisconsin I began to dream about.
Dreaming is a great uplifting part of life for all types--especially artists!
I think it keeps us (people) fresh and creative.  
I hope to keep my Blog inspiring, insightful and creative 
I am Blogging for my connection to others as well as to let the world know of my continued desire to be recognized as an artist.  This is another Blog entry--until next time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

River Reflections

This is a mixed-watermedia
painting of my impression of 
Our local River...
'River Reflection'
This piece was published  summer '07
on the front cover 
of 'INSIGHT'-A directory for local Alternative 
modalities to health

Moraart's Life

Decided to Blog.  I have been admiring other Artist's sites for months.  This was last years--just a few weeks ago--Holidays Greeting.  Hope we are beginning our NEW YEAR
with integrity and honor--for ourselves and all we connect with!