Friday, February 13, 2009

TA DA!!!!

And Felted!  With a garnish of reds...and symbols of hugs and kisses.
My husband will receive these for his Valentine's present

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Knitted slippers to felt

Finished the knitting for Will's felted clogs!

Navajo Loom Weaving

I began my desire to weave on a navajo loom in September of 2008. My husband apon looking @ Navajo Rugs in New Mexico suggested that I make my own...I thought "No, I am not going to weave!...I already attempt to do to much."

It all takes time. This is the third loom I built before I felt it was functional for What I'd like to be able to do--like move into different rooms. When I warped my first warp--it took me about 8 hours--4 x's the time the book suggested. For the first 2-3 hours I felt like I was doing Pilates. I have had help from several sources:    ---Leslie is very nice and helpful with ttols and yarn Greaves is very helpful with every aspect of Navajo weaving including tools and loom( her loom design inspired my final loom design).  She also has workshops and is in Sacramento Valley, CA. --I ordered my churro milspun/natural fleece and dye yarn @ Tierra Wools.
Our Fiber Guild had Marilyn Greaves as a speaker in January. She is very intriguing... as this member documented:

Constant for me is to enjoy the process of things.  I tend to want to enjoy the end result...while dreading all the work!  At this point in the project I find myself relaxing to music with Diego(the little chihuahua guy in the photo with the loom) in my lap...I am at the stage of meditative weaving.  The set up was some concentration.  

I am also reading a book that I find interesting.  It was written by a white woman, Gladys A Reichard, who's desire to weave Navajo style takes her to living with the Navajo People.
Very interesting!  The book's title is 'Spider Woman'.