Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bald Sisters Hat

Knitted two of these...so far. Easy pattern. They both look very different. This is mine.
Cotton with 20% wool. It'll be a nice light Spring hat.


I have been juicing. I love the fresh food! And the colors and vibrancy. I am inspired by my friend Kayle and have been looking into 'The Gerson Therapy'. Saw the movie "A Beautiful Truth'. I loved the perspective of narration from a father raising his son who is home-schooled. It is his father's voice...but, sorta through the boy's eyes. I really liked the idea that major disease that harm so many today: Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic Fatigue, etc... Can be cured(or @ least immune system is strengthened) by fresh organic veges and fruits. I really like my photos that show some of my eats...