Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have been dying and washing wool(Lindsey Cleveland) in October.
Not any color photos...oh the red and pink yarn(Over dyed Quince and Co. Yarn)in my last post....and raw fleece is just washed and dark merino(Mendenhall Ranch) is dyed with red acid dye.

I have had a fabulous summer!

I have had a fabulous summer. Looking though my photos...I've been many places. I like this photo of Me, Digs, Frida and Oliver. We are chillin' on an autumn morning. Knitting is @ my feet.
I was @ the last Farmer's Mkt. this a.m. with Sierra. All the summer pickings will be missed. I think the winter squash I purchased will last me a few weeks. I am so glad that there are many local farms...growing lots of different foods!

On another note...I purchased my first sewing machine. Well, the first I got as a gift
when I was 19-20 years old. The 'Simplicity Seammaster'
sewed costumes, PJs, curtains, seat and cushion covers....many many items. This has been my machine for 25-26 years. I am planning to keep learning on my Pfaff 2140 sewing and embroidery machine for the
second half of my life. I know it is a huge learning curve...but, I'll get it. It
is really fun when it preforms with no effort...and creates cool stitches. A bit frustrated learning buttonholes today. But, I think I learned alot! My first project finished is a circular needles holder for
knitting needles. It took me over two days to finish. I have lots of ideas for future projects!

Finished another pair of Fiber Trends felted slippers...someone's getting a real cool pair of very thick and warm slippers! Can say who they're for yet.
I have many special birthdays this November! One is my Mommy!
I snapped this photo of her with Diego. She has really come along way with my dogs! This is a fun photo...a slumber party photo!
Hailey's(my niece) birthday is in November. She and Kai were @ my slumber party too(early october). Dig's has come a long way with kids...he used to hide! My bro Chris is another B-day. And a very good family friend b-day is this Nov. I am normally very awful @ remembering bdays. So if I ever remember your bday(even once) consider yourself lucky!