Monday, August 29, 2011


Gardening this year has been fun!
I planted later...due to late frost...
My Nieces made this years garden extra special by painting signs for me at the beginning of the season. This got me thinking about how if I left the easel, paint and canvas out in the garden...I'd be likely to spontaneously paint! It's worked. I've finished several paintings I enjoy! I also planted a Goji Berry last year-which gave me fruit for my pancakes...and mostly I eat them(and strawberries and cherry tomatoes) while I'm watering in the morning. I was inspired to plant dye plants. Now this is really fun! And they are really pretty! I have been more tied to home due to the garden(and the timer/water system is challenging me!)

Summertime in the Sierra's

I have really gotten very behind in posts! So, I will play catch-up.
I have done several small trips this summer. My home garden tends to make me more of a home-body. We have taken the Four Wheel up to the local access of the Sierra Nevada's, Mendo and Olema beach trips and more of the backyard camping.


Bought an Ashford 'Traditional' spinning wheel. I plan to spin local fibers. (I want to do so much in this life-time.) I have washed 3 fleeces I bought from a local shearer. And have begun to use a prepared roving to practice. I'm not to bad at spinning. BJ Forester is teaching me some. As well, as I am gathering information with 'Start Spinning' by Maggie Casey.

By the way...

By the way....I'm a Grandma now. Izaiah is 4 months old. I'm still not sure of being a Grandma already! However, he is the cutest little cherub a Gma could ask for! When I see makes my day. When my daughter shares her experience with me I feel much joy! It is beautiful to witness love!

Natural Dyeing and planting dye plants

I planted many dye plants in my garden this spring. Some of the plants are: madder, marigold, zinnias, fennel, coreopsis, black eyed susan, indigo, sun flowers....
I have started to harvest Indigo, marigold, coreopsis, black eyed susan, sunflower, fennel. I have also gathered local a Desert Sage and used Rebecca's recipe for dyeing.
I found local yarn-Full Belly Farms. I'm getting some very interesting results and the process is kinda like chemistry.
A few photos of garden and dye process included for the Indigo, coreopsis, and marigold. I am reading books on plant dying such as: 'Harvesting Color'
by Rebecca Burgess and 'A Dyer's garden' by Rita Buchanan. I have 'Wild Color' and another book on plant dying. However, the first two books are my favs. The final yarns Indigo=blue , Marigold=yellows, Coreopsis=orange/burnt sienna. I really like the coreopsis result best!