Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fiber Fanatic takes it to the Next Level

Stacy and her first Angora Mohair Goat

'Noname' posing for the camera

The format has changed on this blog and I have erased an entire post and don't feel like starting over.
So I'll be much shorter...I have not named her.  But, I picked her up yesterday.  Re-did the roof on barn that my son and I built over 8 years ago for his Alpine goats. The fiber goats will be my project.  They will be my pets with perks. I say they because goats are herd animals.  I may have to find another goat-maybe...But, I also have 2 shetland sheep to pick up next tuesday.  They are Moorit wethers from the biodynamic Organic Farm in Oroville-Chaffin Farms.  Boy, am I learning new ways to care for livestock!  The fleece on all of these animals is just awesome! Excited!